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team-striker-eureka said: Oh gosh your guardian babies are going to be so perfect! Good luck with your breeding!

Yyeeee!!! Thank you! ^^ I’m so happy after finding Triona! I plan to hold a contest give away for their babies when they have them. To good homes of course!

My Current up, and coming Breed Pairs. I’m very proud as well of my soon to come Ridgeback Pair of Aut and Anima. ^^

Novasiri #30806

Some more FR fan art, this time of my Ridgeback, Aut.
Work in progress. WEH.
Aut and Anima, my first Ridgeback couple will be ready to breed on October 1st.
I’m so excited! So I made this in commemoration!
User Novasiri #30806
Battle Time in the Coliseum!
Running through some rounds to level my team up in the coliseum via monster battles. Didn’t feel like drawing today/didn’t get any requests or commissions, so figured I’d win me some loot. Thus far, tons of battle stones, augment stones and FOOD! So much food!
Ur and Brynja are a couple, fyi. Ur is Obsidian/Caribbean/Stoneash and Brynja is Midnight/Violet Eye Spots/Orange. Melora is the mate to my Speckle Fae Morpheus.
Ur - Magic/Supporter (Meditate/Dark Bolt/Aid/Bolster)
Melora - Phys DPS/Tank (Anticipate/Shred/Mind Slash)
Brynja - Rogue Phys DPS (Scratch/Shred/Jungle Slash/Eliminate)

(I hope to post my breeding charts soon.)
Livestream commission, Dinear the Mirror Dragon for Flight Rising user Adumbratus.
Art is me.



Can I pay you in like blood or plasma to do one of these for me

Awwww. ^^; Umm.. That’s a bit messy. Ehehehe~

I usually take points on DA, or in the case of Flight Rising I do them for free if you catch one of my live-streams, other times I take treasure or dragons. 

Livestream pictures from yesterday when the site was down for that annoying next to day long Maintenance. Try to catch my next live-stream where I take Dragon bust requests! Notices can be found at my deviantart page @

Akurei’s Lunalith (Guardian)

Sootnose’s Mirror Dragon

Grove/Junior’s Lady

My Guardian Dragon, Ur.

Images are by me, Novasiri.

Novasiri #30806

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Just a place for me to post Art away from my deviantart. And also flight rising related stuff. :3

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